‘Electrify DC’: Earth Day starts in protest

Earth Day kicked off in downtown D.C. with a protest by a group known for disrupting everyday life in the city. The group’s demands are specific and they went to great heights to get their message across. WTOP’s Alejandro Alvarez tells us what they want and why they’re willing to…

How Md. 210 became Piscataway Hwy

In what Governor Larry Hogan calls the “best session yet after eight years,” he signed more than one hundred bills into law, including those that address first responders’ mental health, cat’s claws and the name of a controversial highway. We speak with the matriarch of the Piscataway Indian Nation about…

‘Intruder’ killed at the Peruvian ambassador’s home

A man surprised the Peruvian ambassador’s family when he tried to break into their residence in Northwest, D.C. U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Police officers eventually shot the man they say had a metal stake. WTOP’s Luke Lukert talks about what we know so far about the break-in at one of…

Metro Sheds Mask Mandate & Mormon Temple Tour

Masks are now optional on Metro after a federal judge in Florida ended the nationwide mask mandate for mass transit. WTOP’s Luke Lukert rode Metro this morning and talked to riders about the rule change and whether they’re ready to drop the mask on the train. Then, WTOP’s John Domen…

We got merch

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Eight Days ‘Til Launch

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Luke gets crafty

With one week to go before our launch, we’ve been looking for cool wall art for our podcast studio. Well, that problem is solved. Look what Luke made! Insider scoop – he had to use those little scissors on a Swiss Army knife to cut the Metro lines. That’s commitment….