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DMV Download is the only daily local news podcast created for Washingtonians. Every weekday afternoon, hosts Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett go beyond the headlines with WTOP’s team of reporters and sources to bring listeners more on the biggest stories impacting the D.C. region.

Latest Episodes

Election audit finds 102 uncounted ballots in Montgomery Co. primary race

The race for Montgomery County Executive was supposed to be certified Friday, but during an audit election officials found more than a hundred provisional ballots in need of counting. We talk to WTOP’s Kate Ryan about whether these ballots could change who is elected. And the number of migrants bused from the southern border to Union Station has now topped 6,000. WTOP’s Nick Iannelli says the resources available for these people are running low.

‘I hope it’s over’: Residents recover after floods kept coming

Two massive storm systems washed through the D.C. region causing significant flooding. Flash flooding overtook cars, stranded drivers and poured into low-lying buildings. WTOP’s John Domen went to Riverdale, Maryland and talked to a business owner about the flood. And the mantra “Turn Around Don’t Drown” is good as gold, but WTOP’s Dave Dildine gives additional flood safety advice as it’s sometimes impossible to turn around.

The Smithsonian’s unlikely birth — 176 years later

It’s the Smithsonian Institute’s birthday. The museum juggernaut is now 176 years old, but it very nearly never existed at all. WTOP’s Rick Massimo brings us this little known story of twists and turns of fate that ultimately brought us the Smithsonian as we know it today. And a local baseball team made it to the Junior League Baseball World Series. WTOP’s Mike Murillo tells the story of a Loudoun County team that lost its chance at a championship during the pandemic and is looking to win it all this year.

Va. students fall behind on reading as classes return

More fourth and fifth grade students in Arlington County, Virginia needed literacy help at the end of the last school year than at the beginning, according to data from the Virginia school system. We talk to WTOP’s Scott Gelman. He helps us make sense of these concerning numbers and the stories behind them.

Understanding lightning after deadly DC strike

Only one person survived a lightning strike that hit four people in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. The bolt hit a tree in Lafayette Park near the White House and then electrocuted four people standing underneath. How did this happen? And what can we do to prevent this? We talk to meteorologist with National Lightning Safety Council Chris Vagasky about how we should think about lightning safety.

Fauci says we can ‘control’ monkeypox as DMV faces vaccine shortage

We spend the whole episode on monkeypox and how the region is handling the vaccine scarcity. It’s the first day D.C. is holding it’s pop-up vaccine clinics for monkeypox and Luke spoke to some of those waiting in a line that wrapped around the block. Then, we speak with Dr. Anthony Fauci on the history of the virus and if we should make any changes to our daily lives given the public health emergency.

Teens urge Va. to drop ‘sexually explicit’ label from LGBTQ+ lessons

Hundreds of students across Virginia are taking a stance, and urging the state’s Department of Education to change guidelines that define any references to LGBTQ+ people in the classroom as ‘sexually explicit content.’ Their request questions the basis of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s bill that would require parents be alerted when school materials contain sexually explicit content. WTOP’s Scott Gelman joins us to share the voices and background on the issue that represents the latest chapter in the Commonwealth’s debate over how social issues should be addressed in the classroom.

DC considers ‘right on red’ ban for cyclist safety

A change could be coming to D.C. streets including the possibility drivers can no longer turn right on red. This would happen if legislation proposed by Councilmember Mary Cheh is approved as-is. The Safer Streets Amendment Act of 2022 comes after three cyclists died in the city last month. We talk about the bill with Jeremiah Lowery of the Washington Area Bicylists Association. We also zoom out with Virginia Tech Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning Ralph Buehler to talk about urban planning and what the future hold for DC city planning.

‘The curse of the Childish Bambino’: Nats trade slugger Juan Soto

Nationals fans are reeling today at word superstar Juan Soto is officially traded to the San Diego Padres along with first baseman Josh Bell. In return, the Nats get a bevy of prospects on their roster, but as WTOP’s Dave Preston tells us, no matter the details of the deal, this move won’t long be forgotten. WTOP’s Shawn Anderson weighs in on the tremendous gut punch fans are experiencing in losing the team’s best player, perhaps of all time. Then, we speak to Mr. Brick of Instagram fame about his talent for recreating famous movie scenes entirely out of Legos.

Faux federal agent flips & shares Navy Yard apartment scheme

One of two men who is accused of impersonating a federal officer and allegedly not only offered US Secret Service agents free rent but iPhones, surveillance systems, a TV, and guns is changing his plea to guilty and sharing the details of their scheme with federal investigators. WTOP’s John Domen listened in on the court hearing and shares some of what investigators learned.