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Va. law loops parents in on school threats & DC’s eaglet gets a name

A new law in Virginia that goes into effect in a month aims to keep parents in the know when it comes to violence or threats at school. Before now, principals only had to report crimes that would be considered felonies to law enforcement. Now, they must also report misdemeanors. WTOP’s Neal Augenstein explains why some think the law will prevent violence, while others are concerned over who it singles out. Then, we turn to a bald eagle nest at DC’s National Arboretum where an eaglet known as DC9 now has a new name. WTOP’s Kate Ryan tells us how he got the name, some of his quirks and the details of his parents’ love story.

Monkeypox in Northern Virginia. Plus, noticeable changes at Delmarva beaches

Monkeypox is in the D.C. region. The Virginia Department of Health found a confirmed case of Monkeypox in Northern Virginia. So, should we worry about this virus or do anything about it? Virologist Andrew Pekosz at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health talks about what Monkeypox is and how we should treat it. And scores of DMV residents are migrating to Delmarva beaches this long weekend, but they’ll notice that a lot has changed. WTOP’s John Domen says staff shortages are hitting the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia coasts hard.

The X's and O's of getting a Commanders stadium in Va.

There is a push among lawmakers in Virginia to strike a deal with Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder who is looking for a location for the football team’s new stadium. WTOP’s George Wallace catches us up on the land option in Woodbridge, Va., the recent dissent among other NFL franchise owners, and where the team is resting its hopes. Then, state delegates both for and against bringing a Commanders stadium in the Commonwealth tell us about the legislation they plan to discuss in a special assembly June 1.

School shooting threat in the DMV: How to talk to kids, increased security, and our gun laws

Hours before a gunman killed 19 students and 2 adults at a Texas elementary school, officials in Maryland learned of a threat to Gale Bailey Elementary School in Charles County. We talk with Dr. Maria Navarro, superintendent of Charles County’s Public Schools about how it’s responding, and WTOP’s Nick Iannelli shares how school districts across the DMV are increasing security. And as we all wrap our heads around the news from Texas, WTOP’s John Domen shares some psychiatrist-approved guidance for talking to kids about the tragedy. We also hear from Dr. Cassandra Crifasi, deputy director of the Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy at Johns Hopkins about successful programs and changing gun laws in our region.

‘Digging through a mountain:’ Ellicott City’s flood plan & Blame game over Md. gas tax

Once in a thousand year floods aren’t supposed to happen in the span of two years. But it happened in Ellicott City back in 2016 and 2018. Today, Howard County is moving forward with a plan for an enormous tunnel meant to spare the historic district from devastating floods. WTOP’s Neal Augenstein talks about it. And, the gas tax in Maryland is set to rise and both the governor and comptroller think the other should do something about it. WTOP’s Kate Ryan tells us what this blame game is about and how much more you could see prices rise at the pump.

Standstill on DCA tarmac: A tale of what’s to come this summer travel season

Hundreds of travelers spent 4+ hours on Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport’s tarmac last night. WTOP’s Acacia James explains what happened to American Airlines passengers who finally got off their planes around 4 a.m. Monday. We address your rights as an airline passenger and speak with CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg who offers predictions and tips for a smooth trip this Memorial Day weekend.

Loudoun school board sues to halt Younkin investigation & Reimagining Penn. Ave as a park

A Virginia school system is standing up against an executive order from Governor Glenn Younkin instructing his Attorney General to investigate how Loudoun County’s school board handled two sexual assaults last year. The county contends the governor is overstepping his bounds. The government says there’s clearly a cover-up going on. WTOP’s Neal Augenstein helps us navigate the complicated local case. And the woman behind the plan to redesign Pennsylvania Avenue shares the three leading options and how everyone from skateboarders to national performers are weighing in on the makeover of America’s Main Street.

DC looks to a quarry for water security & ‘Bamboozled’: Indian Head Highway name remains

The drinking water for Washington, D.C., Falls Church, and Arlington is vulnerable as there’s no Plan B if the Washington Aqueduct becomes compromised. WTOP’s Neal Augenstein tells us about the quarry water officials are looking to as a potential answer to the question, where can we keep a reserve? Augenstein explains the logistics behind creating what could be a 17-billion gallon backup. And, a few weeks after the Piscataway Tribe of Prince George’s County thought it ended a seven-year fight to change the name of Route 210 from Indian Head Highway to Piscataway Highway, they’ve learned that state lawmakers only dedicated the road, they didn’t rename it. WTOP’s Mike Murillo explains how lawmakers’ confusion let a lot of people down.

Will COVID ruin summer? Plus, meet the DMV’s video gaming symphony

COVID cases continue to increase across our region but will a return to mandates come along with the uptick? WTOP’s Kate Ryan tells us why Montgomery County is focusing on a new r-word this time around – recommend. And how that’s playing out in schools. Plus, have you ever heard of a video game symphony? An orchestra in our region is arranging and performing original and classic video game music. The Washington Metropolitan Gaming Symphony Orchestra music director tells us how it came to be and how to get involved.

End of the line for Metro GM & Catholic U.’s fight for ‘Wizard of Oz’ dress

There’s a lot going on at Metro – mounting train delays, the GM stepping down and real worries from riders about safety. We talk to NBC4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss about whether heads rolling at the top will really change anything at the transit system that he says is plagued by a history of failure. And Judy Garland’s blue gingham dress — worn in the Wizard of Oz — is at the heart of a legal battle between the surviving family members of a Catholic University priest and the school itself. We talk to WTOP’s Mike Murillo about the costume controversy.