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‘Snow fair! School days off for winter weather may be melting away

Are snow days a thing of the past? Anne Arundel County is rolling back what many say is a simple joy of childhood. The superintendent could decide to allow a snow day but the district is favoring staying on schedule and employing virtual learning rather than adding make-up days at the end of the school year. WTOP’s Neal Augenstein tells us, students didn’t receive the news well. And WTOP’s Kate Ryan says teachers may feel differently about the move that school boards have been mulling over for a while across the region.

Beyond Amazon, Marriott — More development ahead in Arlington and Bethesda

In the last few years, the Bethesda skyline has been transformed. Buildings now tower over Wisconsin Avenue at more than 20 stories tall. Elza Heisel-McCoy is Division Chief of Downcounty Planning at Montgomery County Planning and tells us this is just the start of development in Bethesda. Across the river, things are very different. The massive growth expected in Arlington County with the arrival of Amazon’s HQ2 has been stymied by the pandemic. Kate Bates with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce tells us where the construction stands in Northern Virginia’s tech corridor, ‘National Landing’.

Football fight fallout – Security changes at Montgomery Co. games

A high school football game that turned violent could change how schools in our region address security going forward. In the aftermath of the brawl, five people, including a coach, now face charges and both football teams are suspended. As Montgomery County Schools roll out an Athletic Safety Plan going into effect this Friday, we speak with WTOP’s Kate Ryan about how this happened, what we know, and why the response to this incident has been so voracious.

Praise, pushback from parents as Youngkin limits trans students’ rights

School systems across the country are navigating how to respect the rights of children who identify as transgender, while also keeping the concerns of their classmates and families in mind. In Virginia, Governor Younkin took a big step in one direction by proposing that the state’s Department of Education require kids use programs and facilities that “match the sex they were assigned at birth.” WTOP’s Scott Gelman shares what he learned after speaking with parents from Northern Virginia on both sides of the issue.

Thursday is the new Friday – how hybrid work affects traffic

As area companies ask their employees to come back to work in-person, the DMV is seeing a shift not only in work patterns but commuting patterns. Jack McDougle from the Greater Washington Board of Trade tells us how companies are reevaluating the value of working in person. And WTOP Traffic Reporter Dave Dildine tells us how a change to hybrid work this time of year is disrupting what drivers can predict for their commute. Plus Luke tells us how it went driving a manual-transmission car for the first time in France.

Potomac River Rapist fights to omit DNA evidence during trial

The man who police call the Potomac River Rapist is scheduled to go on trial later this year for raping and killing a woman in Georgetown more than 20 years ago – he’s also linked to a second rape in D.C. and six others in Montgomery County. Today Giles Warrick was in court and John Domen says a judge is set to decide whether DNA evidence can be presented in Warrick’s upcoming trial.

Another DC puppy found – how are pet foster homes picked?

Questions are swirling around the story of a litter of puppies gone missing, either stolen or sold illegally, from the DC home where their mother was being fostered. There’s a $7,500 reward for each dog – just five weeks old – but investigators are still trying to find out how this happened. We ask Chris Schindler from the DC Humane Rescue Allianc about how foster families are vetted and screened and if there will be consequences for the person who fostered this litter.

DC’s deadly 911 problem

We’re learning of yet another mistake by D.C.’s 911 call center that caused a delayed emergency response. A man having a heart attack walking to get a prescription died despite three calls to 911 for help. We talk about the incident and the state of D.C.’s Office of Unified Communications which oversees the city’s 911 with the man who broke the story, longtime safety advocate Dave Statter. And we’ll bring you a new batch of ideas in this week’s DMV Dates segment.

Va. prosecutors in the dark about Miyares' 'political' election unit

Virginia’s Attorney General Jason Miyares says he is forming an Election Integrity Unit to ensure the electoral process in the Commonwealth. But days after his announcement, little is known about the unit which could force prosecutions against election workers and voters. We talk about it with UVA election law professor Bertrall Ross. And while the new Election Integrity Unit could present cases here locally, we hear from Commonwealth’s Attorneys in both Fairfax and Loudon County who say it’s all a political move.

‘Shopping Cart Killer’ goes to Va. court

The man who police call the ‘Shopping Cart Killer’ went before a judge for the first time today, charged in with killing two women and transporting their bodies in a shopping cart. While he’s also a suspect in three other women’s murders in Northern Virginia and D.C., Neal Augenstein tells why Anthony Robinson is appearing in a Harrisonburg court first.