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DMV Download is the only daily local news podcast created for Washingtonians. Every weekday afternoon, hosts Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett go beyond the headlines with WTOP’s team of reporters and sources to bring listeners more on the biggest stories impacting the D.C. region.

Latest Episodes

How Md. man fought DC speeding ticket for 3 years — and won

When one Maryland driver got a $100 speeding ticket from the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles in 2019, he didn’t pay the fine like hundreds of thousands of drivers do every year. He decided to fight it. He took his case all the way to the District’s highest court and won. WTOP’s Jack Moore explains how the court ruling could change how you can contest a speeding ticket in D.C.

Old Bay, parenting & Boyz II Men with Md. governor-elect Wes Moore

Weeks before he is sworn in, Democratic governor-elect Wes Moore sits down with our Kate Ryan to share a little about himself, the challenges he faced on the campaign trail, and how his kids are getting their heads around their new life and home in the governor’s house. Kate tells us about her one-on-one interview with Moore. Plus, Megan tries to teach Luke how to whistle — with little success.

How – and why – to talk to your kids about money

December is right around the corner, and with it, the gift-giving season. As kids take part in choosing presents for their siblings, friends and family, what’s the best way to talk to them about money? Certified financial planner Gregg Murset says we have to get real and lose the piggy bank. He offers tips on integrating the conversation into daily life. Plus, Megan and Luke deliver a fresh round of DMV Dates.

WTOP’s Neal Augenstein on his cancer diagnosis

It all started with a nagging cough. Months later, our Neal Augenstein has recently shared he is fighting lung cancer. We spend the episode with Neal, discussing his diagnosis, the plan for his treatment, and his choice to share the news publicly. Plus, he tells us how he’s continuing to voice stories despite his new challenges. Neal, Megan and Luke also discuss his widely undiagnosed form of cancer and why doctors across the U.S. are pushing for increased screenings.

Plane tangled in power lines — how first responders made the rescue

First responders share new details into how a single-engine plane crashed into high voltage power lines near the Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, Maryland — knocking out power to nearly 100,000 customers Sunday night and forcing county schools to close. Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein explains how they went about untangling the plane, securing it and rescuing the two people on board. Plus, WTOP’s Kate Ryan tells us about nearby residents’ long standing safety concerns when it comes to the oversight and noise at the regional airport.

DC teachers thankful for a potential pay raise

There’s finally an agreement between teachers and the DC School system on a contract just weeks before the Washington Teachers’ Union was set to take the issue to court. WTOP’s Scott Gelman shares the details about what D.C. teachers can expect from their first contract in three years, plus why their students have to show a negative covid test to return Monday. And Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources wants your recipes. It’s efforting to create a holiday cookbook for meals that are prepared with wild-caught food, including plants. WTOP’s Kate Ryan tells us why someone who doesn’t hunt or fish might find it interesting.

Why Maryland bet on mobile sports gambling

Online sports betting in Maryland will be legal and available starting Wednesday. This move marks the end of a years-long campaign to fully legalize sports gambling in the Old Line State, which just two years ago did not allow the controversial practice. WTOP Reporter John Domen has reported on the issue in Maryland ever since the Supreme Court got rid of a nationwide ban on athletic betting in 2018. Domen tells us why Maryland bet on sports gambling.

‘Coward’ — Victim reacts to death of ‘Potomac River Rapist’ suspect

Over the weekend, Giles Warrick — the man accused of being the so-called Potomac River Rapist — was found dead in a DC jail cell. DC police say he killed himself days before he was set to stand trial for the 1998 raping and killing a young woman and talented scientist. We hear from Paul Wagner, host of WTOP’s “American Nightmare: Unknown Subject.” He’s been following this case for years. Paul tells us what we know about Warrick’s death and how the victims of the Potomac River Rapist are responding to it.

Why sh*t matters

Saturday, Nov. 19 is World Toilet Day, a day officially recognized and observed by the United Nations to raise awareness of the 3.6 billion people without access to managed sanitation. Going to the bathroom is not something people think about or want to think about, but for many people in the world, including in the D.C. area, potty planning takes up a lot of their time. WTOP’s Abigail Constantino tells us what’s being done in DC to increase public bathroom access and decrease the stigma around going to the bathroom.

‘It felt like an earthquake:’ What we know about the Md. condo explosion

A day after an explosion and fire tore through the Potomac Oaks Condominium building in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Wednesday morning, officials said 14 were injured and they still aren’t sure if anyone died in the blast. WTOP’s John Domen reports from the scene as crews search through the rubble. We also hear a heroic story of a man who saved four people from the flames.