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Late-night party keeps DC teens up all night and out of trouble

Orange basketball ball on wooden parquet. Close-up image of basketball ball over floor in the gym

An all-night party in Northeast D.C. aims to provide teens with a fun, safe night that keeps them out of trouble.

Thursday’s event is called Late Night Hype 2.0, featuring a live band, an indoor pool party, basketball, video games and food.

The District’s Parks and Recreation Department hosted the all-nighter last month, and more than 700 teens showed up, said Delano Hunter, the department’s director.

“We had teenagers shooting hoops and in the pool until 6 a.m.,” Hunter said.

The party comes at a time when the District is seeing a spike in car thefts, which police say are committed largely by teens and young adults. Hunter said that giving teens something to do will help keep them out of trouble.

“We believe the best form of intervention is prevention,” Hunter said. “If we can keep them away from those negative influences that are able to take root because they have idle time, then that goes a long way to help them make smart and healthy decisions.”

Last summer, the department hosted the all-night party once a week. This year, it’s happening monthly until the summer, when it will shift back to a weekly basis.

Hunter said there is still room for more teens at Thursday night’s party. It starts at 7 p.m. at the Deanwood Community Center at 1350 49th St. NE.

Parents must register teens before they can attend.