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Commanders adjust Sean Taylor installation to make it ‘as authentic as possible’

The Commanders have already made a couple of adjustments to the new Sean Taylor installation that resides at FedEx Field.

The Sean Taylor installation that the Commanders initially unveiled on Nov. 27 has already been updated.

Reaction to the first version of the project was tepid at best, as many of the franchise’s fans felt that those behind its creation missed out on key touches that would’ve made it feel like a true tribute to the beloved safety.

The piece debuted ahead of Washington’s recent game versus Atlanta, which was the 15-year anniversary of Taylor’s tragic death.

Commanders adjust Taylor installation to make it more ‘authentic’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Those who attend the Commanders-Giants primetime clash on Sunday or any future contests at FedEx Field, though, will see that, among other things, the installation now includes a taped facemask (a signature of Taylor’s), a Reebok jersey (as opposed to the Nike top that was originally used), different socks and more tape on the cleats.

A team spokesperson provided the following statement about the tweaks to NBC Sports Washington.

“We recognize the importance of making the Sean Taylor memorial as authentic as possible to fans’ memories of him, and working with his family, have made some changes and are working with them on some special additions. And we will continue to make it better over time as opportunities arise.”

The installation will be an attraction at FedEx Field for as long as Washington calls the stadium its own, and should a new home eventually be built, it will follow the Commanders to that venue, too.