Luke takes us from beach to beach

We decided to record part of our taping today and in it, Luke Garrett tells us about news regarding D.C.’s Beach Drive and then shares some more personal beach news. Take a listen to the full episode. here,

Fairfax Schools rethink cell phone use in the classroom

The Fairfax County Schools board is considering updating its cell phone use policy to ban social media if it isn’t related to academics and define when kids can use their phones. WTOP’s Scott Gelman tells us there’s pushback after years of virtual learning when students relied on social media to…

Previewing our interview with Scott Maucione

Luke and Megan talk about their podcast today featuring Maucione’s reporting on the cyberbullying of women in the military by their colleagues and why he says the Pentagon isn’t tracking online harassment cases.

Pentagon fails to track cyberbullying of women in the military

Sexual harassment, crude jabs, and doxxing bombard female service members everyday on the internet. That’s according to Federal News Network’s Scott Maucione. In his years of reporting on cyberbullying, he found the military isn’t tracking these cases, making it difficult to enforce an executive order that assigns punishment to service…