Would you watch a podcast?

Co-hosts Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett share where they are in the process of getting the DMV Download ready for its launch date on April 19 and ask listeners if they’d want to watch the podcast on YouTube. (Copyright WTOP)

Adding local to your news diet

Hosts Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett talk about the goal of the WTOP’s new daily news podcast, the DMV Download. We want to give area listeners a chance to learn more about the top local stories every weekday afternoon. Learn more about the podcast by signing up to be a…

DMV Download Sneak Peak

Check out a clip from our test episode where hosts Megan Cloherty & Luke Garrett interview WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein about the story he and Megan broke today – the arrest of Gerald Brevard III in the killings of homeless people in NY and DC. Neal shares an anecdote from…

Baby Reporter

DMV Download host Megan Cloherty describes to co-host Luke Garrett how she knew she wanted to go into journalism at a young age.

Unexpected sports

DMV Download co-hosts Luke Garrett and Megan Cloherty continue to get to know each other by sharing their high school sports experiences. Let’s say they bring in some different skills.

Hi, My Name Is…

DMV Download podcast co-hosts Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett get to know each other (because they really don’t know each other…)

DMV Download Promo 2

Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett announce the launch of WTOP’s daily podcast and show viewers the booth where they’ll do the show.

Introducing WTOP’s new DMV Download podcast

WTOP Investigative Reporter Megan Cloherty and WTOP Producer Luke Garrett join forces as hosts of WTOP’s new DMV Download podcast, the only local daily podcast that dives deeper into the biggest news stories impacting Washingtonians. If you’re talking about it, we’re talking about it. Our first episode of DMV Download…